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Another Green World: Track 12: Zawinul/Lava (for Brian Eno) - I Demand a Better Future
Finding the way back to a viable reality

Date: 2008-10-14 18:22
Subject: Another Green World: Track 12: Zawinul/Lava (for Brian Eno)
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Tags:against the fall of night, another green world, city at the end of time, eno, prose fiction
The Earth Current still flowed strongly under the Last Redoubt. It had been decades since I had crossed the Night Lands to the Lost Redoubt and brought back my only true love across the eons of time nearly beyond the point of death. Decades have passed now, with all that comes with them in life. I had arisen to the station of the Master Monstruwacan, as my old master aged and eventually took the final journey down into the Silent Country hundreds of miles been the Cities of our Pyramid.

As across all the ages of the Death of the Sun, on our Earth without day, youths past the 21st year have ventured out into the Night Lands and beyond the House of Silence and the Seven Lights, across and down the Mighty Slope and the Deeper Gorge, to the only fully lighted place on this dim and dusty globe, the greatest deepest crack in this hundred mile deep crack in Old Earth that is our final and only home.

There Volcanoes ceaselessly erupt, granting light and heat to the forest and sea. A small enclave has been established there, and the humped men have been held at bay. The great flying ship, perched a-top that crag, has been cleaned and reset again. Soon we will explore the wastes around the Lesser Redoubt and examine its ruins, but will find no human life there.

Yesterday I was called from my meditations as a strange sight was seen between the Black Hills and the Plain of Blue Fire. All four of the Watchers turned their mighty bulks in that direction to look upon the site of a river of Lava that issued forth at the foot of the Black Hills and flowed around the western edge of the Plain of Blue fire, flowed over the entire length of the Vale of Red Fire, both enflaming and engulfing those flames, following its course to the south west and pouring ceaselessly into the Red Pit

The Watcher of the North West appeared to have a look of concern on its mighty face, and slowly, over the course of twelve hours, backed away from this new flow of lava.

At the end of fifteen hours strange black winged shapes the size of one of the cities of the levels of our Pyramid came flying out of the Giant's Pit, flew around the Last Great Redoubt Several times, during which a ring of Holy White light encircled our Pyramid, and then flew off northwest over the Red Pit, and beyond to the place of the Abhumans.

The City was in ferment over this change of events. This shuffling of the hostile Night Land around us. Who or what caused this new flow of Lava? What were those large winged shapes the Giants Fashioned, and why did they seek out the Abhumans?

I believe there is a weakening of the powers around us, that even in these final dark days of a nearly dead earth, good may finally triumph over evil.

(Also for William Hope Hodgson)
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