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Another Green World: Afterward. - I Demand a Better Future
Finding the way back to a viable reality

Date: 2008-10-19 14:03
Subject: Another Green World: Afterward.
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Tags:another green world
While this Live Journal is often the land of first drafts at the request of a few readers from elsewhere I have gone back and posted the current final edit of all the tracks.

Mostly catching spelling mystokes, with a few stylistic changes.

But why this work at all?

Twenty eight years ago I wrote to the then not so famous Science Fiction Author Greg Bear, who lived in one of the smaller quasi rural bedroom communities around San Diego and sometimes taught Science Fiction seminars thru the San Diego City Schools System, that I planned to write something inspired by Brian Eno's album ANOTHER GREEN WORLD.

It never happened. My senior year in High School was drenched in teen drama, and then I went off to the University of California at San Diego to study HIGH LITERATURE for four years.

Six months ago I decided to dust off that idea and give it a go. This may have been triggered by the videos found on YouTube inspired by tracks from that Album.

Only in the last few weeks have I put in any effort to it, producing items more like prose-poems inspired by the tracks of the albums than anything else.

I have probably listened to this album several thousand times, used it for meditation practices, some tracks as background music for events I ran...and often dozing off to the album first on a turntable then on a CD player then on a MP3 Player.

Had been stuck on Track 11, Becalmed, for almost a week. A mental image that I've often had with this track was a sail boat at night on still waters beneath a cloudless sky: to the east a Globular Cluster Rises and occupies more space than twenty full moons.

I didn't want to write that. Track 11, Becalmed, came out as the first fully realized fan-fic based on Greg's new novel, which I've read twice since publication back in August, and written quasi-critical pieces about.

Part of that novel is a homage to THE NIGHT LAND, and it was an easy leap to project track 12, Zawinul/Lava into that world (otherwise my ANOTHER GREEN WORLD project would have been stuck for another week!) and finished the final two tracks the next day, blasting out a twenty eight year writer's block on this concept.

As I went back today tagging and editing and correcting realized that some of the tracks full under "Fractured Eternity" I'll come running has crossed over into the Legends of Chollas Station, one version of those ruins occupies that fissured set of eons of the other tag.

And there's a new tag: ANOTHER GREEN WORLD, which links to all 14 tracks, plus some videos based on those tracks by others.
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